house layout-35"X50"

The south facing house is having area of 1750 sq.ft.It give it self a pletty of living space for person to live with a large family .

  • The architecture of the plot is very well design to give the more space to living in each and every section of the house.Its is very well design to give the person a good living space.

This house is having 1 Master Bedroom with attached washroom,2 Bedroom share common amenities,all bedroom are very well ventilated for outside air flow.

The bedroom having open to sky type design so it also not feel uncomfortable while staying.

This plot Having a large drawing/living room of around 400 sq.ft. Having a premium kitchen in the hood is nice and ventilated with big windows.

The entrance of this house is giving by a 16 feet sliding gate that allow to use for entry of to cars.The parking can accommodate 2 car into into and can be use as a open space.

It is very well maintained having the cupboard and we can also arrange the TV unit in both the bedroom.